Our standard Dynamic Lifter product is made from 100% poultry manure, a waste product of the poultry industry. Traditionally, its physical properties have made it difficult to handle , store, spread and apply.

The Dynamic Lifter process converts this waste into a valuable organic fertiliser, free of the problems associated with the raw material. The value of the raw manure is significantly enhanced by the composting and manufacturing technique creating a new concentrated organic fertiliser with many benefits

  • Odour Free
  • Easily transportable
  • Suitable for mechanical spreading, handling and storage
  • A high compression ratio and excellent water retention properties
  • Lengthy shelf life
  • A guaranteed minimum analysis
  • Can be blended with the major elements to provide optimal results for specific crops and soil types
  • Very high in humus content and reduces acidity in soils
  • Slow release of nutrients to the soil

Dynamic Lifter's ability to deliver all these benefits had made it the first organic fertiliser in Australia to be widely used as a complement or substitute to chemical fertilisers.

Safe, simple, effective. Dynamic Lifter adds organic matter to the soil to create an environment ideal for long term sustainable plant growth.

  • Recommended byleading Garden professionals
  • 100% Nature fertiliser safe to use on every plant in the garden including natives
  • Pelletise to slowly break down in the soil gently releasing a balanced range of plant nutrients
  • Rejuvenates the soil by adding essential organic matter
  • Simple to use - either scatter it over the garden or dig into the soil

  • Approx. two adult handfuls of 100% natural Dynamic lifter compressed into a tablet
  • Easy and convenient way to provide long term feeding for new plants or container grown plants
  • improves water rention as each tablet can absorb between 4-5 times it's own volume of water
  • Gently release nutrients for upto 4 months